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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Commitment to the privacy & security terms.


Strong confidentiality measures are taken to ensure that any personal information collected by our staff is strictly secured and confidential.


Our website indicates a strict privacy policy & our standards are suitable to be linked with other sites.

However, www.kibyraturizm.com shall not be held responsible for these linked sites own privacy policy.


Personal data collection procedure.


By using our website, your personal information may be able to be reach by other sites or parties connected with www.kibyraturizm.com. You must agree to collection of this data by agencies and other partners to the website. All kinds of requested information fields such as but not limited to: name, surname, identification number & address information may vary depending on the selected product. For us to sustain valid information & transactions, your information may be used for any of the following reasons:


· Your reservation and sales processes & account management

· Our services & selected product marketing.

· Transactions can be made from the statistics & the continuation of linked connections can be listed, the sites usage alongside with relevant commercial statistics & analysis can be retrieved in one.

· Identity recognition & record creation.

· Conduction in the application, rules & corrections in a suitable manner.,

· The terms & conditions that are stated below are applied.

· During the process of sending us the required information fields found on the forms, by defining a password you will be protected by SSL security technology. Data, after reaching our hands this data is always protected by our strict security & privacy standards. To ensure SSL is working at its best, your browser should support SSL technology & you should make sure that the SSL option is set to active to enable it.


Privacy of your reservation records.


When you are making a reservation, you will be issued with a reservation code (PNR). During the reservation process the code given to you will also appear on your ticket. This reservation code will, at all times need to be kept privately. If this code is not kept privately, then you are allowing others to be able to reach your reservation information and even change things in your name. When more than 1 passenger is travelling, and group reservation is being processed, the reservation code will be the same for all passengers, therefore if you do not wish for the other passengers to view the issued reservation code, then we would suggest that you make a separate reservation in your own name and do not share this reservation code with anybody else. If however 3rd parties or other parties do manage to reach your reservation code, then www.kibyraturizm.com does not accept any fault. If this reservation code is reached by any other parties, then the fault lays purely with the person/people who were in possession of the tickets/information. www.kibyraturizm.com under any circumstances will not be accused to be at fault.