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Terms of Service

Terms of Service





· Gölhisar Kibyra Turizm Ltd also referred to as www.kibyraturizm.com.All tickets & the process of reservations, chosen airline fares & regulations, flight information will be shown on our website.We request that our customers carefully read and accept our terms & conditions.



Without the approval of the relevant department, reservation operations will not be completed.


· Up to 8 hours before flight departure, availability can be seen on the website & E-tickets can be issued.

· Applied to all flights, the maximum amount of tickets allowed to be purchased is 9 (Children + Adults included).

· When making a reservation through www.kibyraturizm.com a child travelling alone will not be abl to make a reservation, the child must be accompanied by an adult.

· Baby passengers (0-2 Years old) will travel on their parent’s lap, for baby tickets chair is not provided.

· For passengers under the age of 18 to be able to travel alone, will need to present a document provided by their family to be given permission for travel.

· Choice of proffered food is not accepted on all domestic fights.

· From www.kibyraturizm.com you can purchase tickets only by using your credit card. To change a name on an already established booking is not possible.

· During the ticketing process, the service fee charged to you will not be refundable, Cancelation of tickets will also result in a service fee being charged.

· www.kibyraturizm.com website is the established connection between customers & airline firms. In the flight information previews department, information regarding the already bought reservation you wish to cancel, whether the reservation is refunded, ticket validation period extension & reservation changes information are available. This information is not implemented by our agency, it has been implemented by the airlines. Therefore www.kibyraturizm.com working in contravention with the airline companies (as a carrier), flights cancelled and/or delayed, malfunctions, weather conditions, behaviour from members of the public, availability, delay or availability disturbances, extraordinary circumstances, accidents & similar circumstances www.kibyraturizm.com will not be held responsible. Not following or changing these rules will not be accepted.

· Payments made through www.kibyraturizm.com on refundable tickets, refund will only be deposited back into the account of the credit card used to make the payment. 

· Cancellation of confirmed reservations (Flights). Due to each company having their own set of cancellation rules & regulations, depending on the ticket type & airline, they may request cancellation fee from the customer. 

· Therefore our website will not accept responsibility for cancellation of any reservation by the airline.

· Regarding ticket cancellation can also be done by the airline. Airline cancellation rules & regulations will apply and charges may be implemented upon cancellation.

· Any reservation made via www.kibyraturizm.com, will be classed as fully confirmed after being approved by the agency and full payment has been received. All types of information entered into the website, including changes and cancellations rights are all reserved to www.kibyraturizm.com.

· After purchasing a ticket through www.kibyraturizm.com no changes or amendments what so ever will be able to be achieved. For reservation amendments our call centre’s contact number is +90 531 346 81 81, or you can contact the airline directly.




· Upon completion of ticket purchases, including tax & other expenses will be charged to the used credit card. For ticket purchases the credit card owner & the passenger who will be travelling does not have to be the same name.

· For tickets purchased over the internet, only Visa & MasterCard will be accepted for payment.

· All payments made from www.kibyraturizm.com are totally 3D Secured. 


What is 3-D Secure System?


3-D Secure is an authentication system created to enable that shopping over the internet is completed in a safe & secured environment, it also supports “SecureCode” for MasterCard & “Verified by Visa” for use of Visa credit cards. This 3-D Secure application also supports the option for payments to be paid in instalments. The 3-D Secure system enables previous bank transactions to be completed directly via your credit card.


How To Register To 3-D Secure System?


It is also very easy to register to the 3-D secure system. If the bank in which the credit card belongs is supporting 3-D Secure; You can register to 3-D Secure system prior to shopping on your bank’s 3-D Secure application page, either by contacting the call centre via phone, or by visiting the 3-D Secure webpage whilst shopping. During this process, you will just need to define a password & personal message.


How Does 3-D Secure System Work? 


Found on the www.kibyraturizm.com websites online ticket sales department, to be able to proceed with a reservation or booking, all required information must be filled in before submission. This message shows that the transaction is being processed for approval by the bank. The fields on the 3-D Secure screen will need to be filled in with your log in details & password. If registration has not been previously been processed, on the opening 3-D Secure screen personal information & registration can be completed, after completed the required fields, your system password will be issued.Following verification of your password information, your account will be need to be approved by the bank in order to activate sales transactions. This way sales transactions can be processed in a safe format.

The e-mail address you provided upon registration to www.kibyraturizm.com, will be used as the primary e-mail address for your account, therefore when a reservation is made from your account, an e-mail will be automatically to this primary e-mail address.

The name of the credit card owner does not need to be the same as the passenger travelling.




From our website www.kibyraturizm.com ;

· Students (aged between 13-24) and / or elderly people (over the age of 65) taking advantage of discounted tickets, must present a valid identification document upon check-in eg: passport, id card, marriage certificate etc. . . if this documentation is failed to be presented, the passenger will not be able to fly.

· Students: registered students over the age of 13 in full time yearly education will be classed as under 25 years old passengers. In one transaction, no more than 9 student reservations can be made. If more than 9 students will be traveling, then you must make the remaining reservations through a separate transaction.

· Passengers over the age of 65: all passengers aged 65 and over, in one transaction no more than 4 reservations can be made, if there will be more than 4 passengers traveling, then please complete the remaining reservations in a separate transaction.




All reservations for domestic flights made through www.kibyraturizm.com will be charged a service fee PER TICKET, the service charges stated on www.kibyraturizm.com are the same as if you were to make our reservation directly with the airline’s sales office.


· After reservation confirmation all ticket changes will be charged.

· Service charges are not refundable.

· Excluding baby tickets al other discounted tickets will be charge a service fee upon reservation.

· For transfer & return flights the service fee will be more than usual.

· The airline has the right to change service charges amounts without warning.


All data, photographs and other items found on our website belong to www.kibyraturizm.com and are copyrighted.Under any circumstances do any printed or electronic party have to right to use or copy this information. www.kibyraturizm.com will not be held responsible for any mistakes that appear on the website including price information and / or flight information. Users of www.kibyraturizm.com must be deemed to have accepted the privacy policy along with following the terms & conditions.