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Terms of Use

Terms of Use



The owner of this website, Gölhisar Kibyra Turizm Ltd (Referred to as www.kibyraturizm.com) all organization, use & discrepancy belongs to www.kibyraturizm.com. To enter the site & by obliging to the site’s own, & contract rules, Before using the site, please read the terms of use policy carefully. All relevant laws and legal regulations are applied & must be accepted.


1. This website belongs to www.kibyraturizm.com, again it is operated by and contains some of the materials from other sources and these materials are internationally copyrighted & trademarked products, protected by the law. www.kibyraturizm.com by providing information on this internet site, no licence, copyright, patent or VESA intellectual property rights have been granted. Including codes & software, none of the material found in the website can be changed in any way, copied, duplicated, re-published, uploaded to another computer, e-mailed or forwarded.



2. www.kibyraturizm.com  shall not be held responsible for any kind of information / data loss or damage to their site or any other site, including; direct, indirect, private, consequential or any other type of damage. All information stored in this website is held responsible for by the person who is in view of decision making. 



3. www.kibyraturizm.com cannot guarantee that they will accept, or will be held responsible for any kind of contract violation including; process interruption, mistakes, neglect, interruption, process loss or delay in communications, computer viruses, communication error, theft, destruction or unauthorized modification or use of records.



4. Included in www.kibyraturizm.com contract terms & conditions, in the website and website’s extensions, under all circumstance rights are reserved to change any kind of information prior to any kind of official warning under all circumstances.Modifications made will come into force upon publication.Use of the site or introduction to the site with these changes will count be deemed as accepted.These conditions are also valid throughout all other linked webpages.



5.The information contained in www.kibyraturizm.com is constantly being updated, therefore changes made to the website may not be immediately displayed on the site.The material and information you will find on www.kibyraturizm.com is being provided following submission to the site.The website’s time, accuracy, terms & conditions, quality, performance, marketability, particular purpose suitability and on www.kibyraturizm.com with established connection or with other independent information and service product effects guarantee or implied warranty will not be given.



6. By using our website, you are accepting and agreeing to the collection of the personal information that is available through www.kibyraturizm.com including use by connected companies, partners & agencies. Including, but not limited to Information such as; name, surname, T.C identification number, address or any other services you have requested may vary according to your personal information provided.Your information however, your reservation, sales processes, account management services, selected product marketing, creating lists of the continuation of established connections, use of the site with commercial statistics & analysis combination, identification accuracy & establishing records can be achieve via the website.However due to the direct, or in-direct collection of information in the relevant situations, according to application rules and regulations, www.kibyraturizm.com ‘s rights, legalization, earnings and / or the sites other user’s rights & earnings, this data can be re-directed to third parties.



7. All information collected by us is stored in a secure environment.Protected by SSL technology during transmission of the many forms in which you send your information to us. Data, after reaching our hands, is protected by strict standards of confidentiality & safety.Transactions & legal information, in which you have entered into the site, will be kept for a specific amount of time. 



8. www.kibyraturizm.com shall not be held liable for any direct or in-direct damage caused by use of the site. As of registration, users of www.kibyraturizm.com shall obey to these terms & conditions immediately.